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the cat makes this pic


the cat makes this pic

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Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…

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i taste u hello


i taste u hello

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Spreepark by Scrappy NW

Please don’t delete the link to the photographers/artists, thanks!

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Twelve’s first words upon awaking in “Listen” were the Fourth Doctor’s first words after regenerating.

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“May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?”

I’m pretty sure this is why Tumblr gave us photosets.

To this day, I still have absolutely no idea if he actually did the right thing by shooting little Tiffany. His story was very convincing…

I totally bought that he was right.

I always though this was about not demonizing people based on how they look, instead focussing on what they do.



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What's your stance on Scottish Independence?




I am 100% NO vote.

I’ll try and keep it short: Alex Salmond is not just a tool, he’s a complete Tool Box.

Scotland want financial and political independence, but the SNP want the Pound Sterling currency, meaning that they’ll need financial regulation from the Bank of England and a political union with Westminster. Its complete bullshit.

Secondly, Salmond is tugging at people’s heartstrings rather than providing them with facts and figures. He’s telling the people that Westminster is treating Scotland as a second class citizen, not providing Scotland with the money and freedoms it requires. This is also complete bullshit.

Scotland actually receive beneficial treatment from the British Government - they get things for free (such as Elderly Care, Prescriptions and Tuition) that English citizens pay for, and actually receive more money than half of England. But the SNP are going for the emotional side of things, and getting people to vote YES because Patriotism!

Thirdly, everything is based on "If"If the oil continues. If they get the pound sterling. If they get into the European Union. If they keep the large business around. If they keep the banking sector in Scotland and so on and so forth.

  • It has been known for a very long time the Oil is going to run out in our lifetime.
  • They may not qualify to enter the European Union and possibly could not afford it (it costs tens of millions a day to be part of the EU).
  • Large businesses use the UK has a jumping off point for trade with the EU, and companies like IBM and Amazon may move.
  • The banks (such as Lloyds and RBS) have stated that a YES vote would send their operations to London, as they are regulated by the Bank of England and need that gateway to the EU.

For me in England, it means less than two hours North of where I live, I’ll have a solid border. It means that everyday items may become more expensive for me to purchase as Scotland leaving would lower the value of the Sterling, and it means the North of the Island would feel even more abandoned as businesses based in Scotland move South to London.

If anyone Scottish reads this, VOTE “NO”.

Salmond is being lead by the nose by shadowy SNP politicians, and he himself has not given you ANY solid information regarding the above issues. Hell, Westminster finally bent over and agreed to give Scotland the Financial and Political independence they wanted if they stayed in the Union, and he basically told the British government to fuck off.


Vote NO. Keep the Union together. We are one of the single most powerful countries in the world for a damn good reason, and its not because some fat nationalist prick put a spanner in the works.

Wowwww the ignorance.

First off, of course we want the pound, we have the Bank of Scotland which produces the same currency, Scotland set up the Bank of England in the first place.

We have always been treated second class by England! Treated like guinea pigs! In world war 2, you tested Anthrax on our Gruniard island, killing our livestock and leaving it uninhabitable to this day! Thatcher tested the community charge out on Scotland first!

Now Westminster is vowing if theres a no vote theyll give us more powers. They also said that in 1979 about the devolution. There was a no vote and Scotland got NOTHING. Oh wait… We got Margaret Thatcher!


We have soooo much more than oil (and it alone is worth well over a trillion) we have billions to make in tourism, technology, food and also, renewable energy.

I can tell you now that the EU would be foolish to kick us out, considering Scotland alone has 60% of the entire EU’s oil and gas reserves.

Lloyds and RBS’s office is already registered in London anyway! That was yet another scare story by the no vote party.. Also, that sort of information shouldnt be be broadcast until after the referendum result! PROOF its scare mongering!

Lastly, you are English, how can you seriously say “if you are Scottish and reading this, vote no!” No one should dictate to someone what to vote, ESPECIALLY not someone in another country.

Scotland never agreed to a union in 1707 in the first place, remember that.

  1. The Pound Sterling is the Currency of the United Kingdom and is issued by the Bank of England. If Scotland are not in the UK, they do not get the Pound Sterling.
  2. The North of England (Leeds upwards) get nothing compared to Scotland. The number of things Scotland get for free compared to England as a whole is silly. I have student debts, for example - you will not.
  3. The RBS is headquartered in Edinburgh. Lloyds is headquartered in London but have major offices in Scotland that require the Bank of England and the UK for their trade.
  4. Thatcher fucked up the majority of the country. I’m from the North East of England, and even today we still haven’t gotten back our economy or industry. We were left far worse off.
  5. Salmond said specifically that Scotland could be run from the Oil - he was banking on Oil when, in reality, you actually make more from Food than Oil.
  6. Sir Ian Wood has also stated that nationalists are silly for overestimating oil reserves. Scotland do not have anywhere near that amount in reserve.
  7. Scotland has the majority of the Oil for the UK only (and is nowhere near 60% for Europe), BUT IT IS NOT WORTH £1T. The office for national statistics in 2013 confirmed that total profit in oil, well before the Scottish Independence vote was even uttered (lowering Bias to pure national interest), was 12x LESS than what the Scottish Government are suggesting at £120B.
  9. Seriously? You’re going to bring WWII into this? I think you forgot how much of the country as a whole was in dire straights during WWII. IT IS ALSO NOT RELEVANT BECAUSE ITS 2014, NOT 1939.
  10. We are both from the UK of GB, AND THIS VOTE EFFECTS EVERYONE.

Are you Sixteen or something??? You look at any of the figures published and Scotland voting YES would just be bad news for both sides. Use your head and think logically and stop sucking up the SNP’s "tug at the heartstrings" tactics.

Just thinking you have £1trillion in Oil alone shows that you’re just drinking up the propaganda rather than actually doing research.